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    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certification

  • Summary

    TESOL for Children
    TESOL for Children Certification is a sixty hour self paced online course that focuses on ESL teaching methods for age groups two through seventeen, and the different developmental stages of children. Instructors focus on a variety of TESOL methodologies, classroom disciplinary methods, and which combinations of methods work best in the classroom. 
  • Objectives

    • Examine the core knowledge of TESOL
    • Create ESL lesson plans
    • Assess and compare TESOL methods of teaching
    • Facilitate successful communication in the TESOL classroom


    • Correctly identifying methods and approaches to TESOL.
    •  Improvement of student achievement by creating a safe and shameless learning environment.
    •  Improvement of teacher confidence.
    •  Introduction to teaching ESL online.
  • Competencies

    •  Consistently provide a classroom environment that is supportive to the latest trends of TESOL.
    • Design and implement ESL lesson plans that reflect best teaching practices, and target student ESL learning needs.
    • Demonstrate high expectations of all students learning.
    • Monitor and assess student progress.
    TESOL Certification Course Book


    TESOL for Children Certification includes 3 eBooks, and consists of assignments and readings from the Teaching English to Children textbook. All materials are included in the tuition price.
  • Modules

    Module One - Using Icebreaker Activities, Teaching Preferences, & Acronyms

    Reading Assignment: Pages 1-3 TESOL for Children E-Book, 40 Icebreakers for Small Groups E-Book, Icebreakers E-Book

    Which age group would you like to teach most and why?

    Describe the characteristics of your three most influential teachers throughout childhood.

    What do the acronyms TESOL, SLA, L1, and L2 stand for?

    Design your own Icebreaker activity

    Short writing assignment: What is an Icebreaker?

    Acronyms Quiz


    Module Two - What is Language

    Reading Assignment: What is Language PDF, What is English PDF, Properties of Spoken Language, 8 Parts of Speech article

    What is telegraphic speech?

    What are the 8 parts of speech?

    Telegraphic Speech Quiz

    Properties of Spoken Language Quiz


    Module Three - Effective Teaching, Teacher Roles, & Gross Motor Skills

    Reading Assignment: Page 5 TESOL for Children E-Book, What is Effective Teaching PDF, Teacher Roles PDF, Effective Teaching Strategies: Six Keys to Classroom Excellence article

    Name five different types of gross motor skills not mentioned in the text. Do the same for fine motor skills.

    Describe your favorite teacher

    Motor Skills Quiz


    Module Four - Educational Methodology, Speech Production, & Input Sources

    Reading Assignment: Pages 7-10 TESOL for Children E-Book, Teaching Methodologies PDF, Teaching Special Groups PDF, Wikipedia Speech Production Page

    Which type of music and movies would you like to introduce to children of other cultures? Why?

    Teaching Special Groups writing assignment

    Speech Production Quiz


    Module Five - Teaching Listening & Pedagogy

    Reading Assignment: Pages 8-17 TESOL for Children E-Book, Teaching Listening PDF, How To Teach Listening PDF, Listening Comprehension Difficulties PDF

    Name and describe one exercise that can be utilized for learning English involving math, science, and social studies separately.


    Module Six - Teaching Speaking

    Reading Assignment: Pages 18-22 TESOL for Children E-Book, Review Pages 6-7, Discussion Debate PDF, Teaching Speaking PDF, Pronunciation PDF, Wikipedia Erikson's Stages Page

    Name and define five learning stages and ten vocabulary words that you think are appropriate for each of the five learning stages.

    Stages of Language Development Quiz


    Module Seven - Lesson Planning & Comprehension

    Reading Assignment: Review Page 7 TESOL for Children E-Book, Lesson Planning PDF, Planning First Lessons PDF, Wikipedia Lesson Plan Page, Creating the Best ESL Lesson Plans article

    What is comprehensible input? What is comprehensible output? How are they the same? How are they different?

    Why are lesson plans important?

    Comprehensible Input and Comprehensible Output Quiz


    Module Eight - Drilling

    Reading Assignment: Review Page 8 TESOL for Children E-Book

    Are the children of bilingual households at a disadvantage? Why or why not?


    Module Nine - Intelligence Types

    Reading Assignment: Intelligence Types PDF

    What intelligence type are you? Describe your intelligence type and tell how it can contribute to you being an effective teacher.

    Intelligence Types Quiz


    Module Ten - Presenting Vocabulary: Lexical Approach

    Reading Assignment: Review Pages 9-10 TESOL for Children E-Book, Activities for Intelligence Types

    Describe a classroom activity for each of the intelligence types


    Module Eleven - Knowing Your Students

    Reading Assignment: Practical Activities to Stimulate Multiple Intelligences PDF, Wikipedia Theory of Multiple Intelligences Page

    Take the Multiple-Intelligence Self-Test

    What did you learn about your intelligence levels?


    Module Twelve - Teaching Reading & Stages of Discipline

    Reading Assignment: Review Pages 11-12 TESOL for Children E-Book, Stages of Discipline PDF, 11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline PDF, Managing Students article, Steps for Teaching Reading to ESL Students article, Teaching Our Children to Read, Write, and Spell PDF

    How do discipline methods change and evolve for each age group?

    What do you think is the most important rule for discipline not mentioned in the above text?


    Module Thirteen - Teaching Writing, Aids in Learning

    Reading Assignment: Teaching Writing PDF, How to Teach Writing to ESL Students PDF, Creative Writing Exercises for ESL Students 1 PDF, Creative Writing Exercises for ESL Students 2 PDF, Children's Writing in ESL article

    What learning materials/teaching aids will you utilize in the TESOL classroom?

    Children's Writing in ESL Quiz


    Module Fourteen - Classroom Management

    Video Assignment: Motivating Students to Learn

    Reading Assignment: Review Pages 13-23 TESOL for Children E-Book, Safe Learning Environments PDF, How to Motivate ESL Students article, Motivation: What Teachers Need to Know PDF

    Name and describe three ways that you can create a safe and shameless learning environment for each of the learning methods.

    Motivation: What Teachers Need to Know Quiz


    Module Fifteen - Approaches and Strategies to TESOL

    Video Assignment: Observing Standards-in-Action: ESL Classroom Lesson

    Reading Assignment: Approaches to TESOL PDF, Learning Strategies for TESOL PDF

    Describe five approaches to TESOL

    TESOL Methods and Approaches Quiz


    Module Sixteen - Behavior Management & Computer Assisted Language Learning

    Reading Assignment: Pages 24-39 TESOL for Children E-Book

    Create a lesson plan using a 45-minute template

    Optional - Online Teaching Internship

    Extra Credit - Create a Lesson for CALL


    Module Seventeen - Creating Lesson Plans for Young Learners

    Video Assignment: How to Teach

    Reading Assignment: Review Pages 24-32 TESOL for Children E-Book, Lesson Planning Guide E-Book

    Create the first of 5 lesson plans for children (Lesson Plan 1)


    Module Eighteen - Student Assessment

    Create a second lesson plan for children (Lesson Plan 2)


    Module Nineteen - Creating a Syllabus

    Create a third lesson plan for children (Lesson Plan 3)


    Module Twenty - Learning Strategies for TESOL

    Create a fourth lesson plan for children (Lesson Plan 4)


    Module Twenty-one - Approach & Method

    Reading Assignment: Review Approach & Method article

    Create a fifth lesson plan for children (Lesson Plan 5)


    Module Twenty-two - Understanding Student Assessment Final Essay

    Video Assignment: Student Assessment

    What are the different concepts you will explore when doing student assessments?

    Final Essay should be 300-400 words on a topic of your choice from the TESOL for Children E-Book

    TESOL for Children Certification

    Upon completion participants receive TESOL for Children Certification, and optional job placement teaching English abroad to adults or children. 
    TESOL certification issuance is based on successful
    completion of required assignments, lectures, quizzes, and final assignment. 
    Participation requirements include a high school diploma, and fluency in English. Internet access is required to complete
    online studies.
    Online, participants access the TESOL Virtual Learning Center to interact live with American TESOL instructors, complete assignments, and view progress towards TESOL certification.

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